Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend in Nashville

We had a great Memorial Day weekend in Nashville visiting Ryan's family. Luke had a blast with his cousin, Parker, they are finally to the age where they are somewhat playing together. The weather wasn't great, so Luke & Parker spent a lot of time exploring the hotel room.

One of their favorite games was opening & closing the sliding doors of the closet.
Let me out, Luke!

After working up an appetite playing so hard in the closet, they decided to call for some room service.

We're not getting good service in this room, let's try it in here.

I'll dial the number and you ask them for some gold fish and milk.

The adults had to invent games to keep us occupied to, so we played home run derby with Luke's wiffle bat & ball. My sister-in-law, Holly, & I also played, but I'll spare you the pictures of an almost 9 month pregnant lady playing baseball. The boys loved the game and were pretty competitive about it.

We did get out for meals, our favorite was lunch at Jack's Barbeque on Broadway, it's Ryan and I's favorite Barbeque place. Luke didn't eat much, because he's such a picky eater, but Parker loved it!

Yummy in my tummy!

After Jacks, Ryan & Andy took the kids to hear some live music at the nearby establishments (AKA bars...but they were kid friendly during the day)

The kids also got to go for a swim in the indoor pool. Luke was pretty terrified of the water to begin with, but he got a little used to it after a while.
Kissin' Cousins
Luke played so hard this weekend that he slept the entire way home Monday and slept until 8:00 this morning...we love taking these weekend trips, because it always means sleeping late in the morning and long naps when we get home!


annaclaire0408 said...

I think Andy is a bad influence on Ryan. First he taught Ryan the game of throwing your kid high in the air and hoping they land safely on the couch now they are taking their one year olds to bars...tisk tisk tisk!

Jason and Tonya said...

Hello Christen,

Not sure if we have introduced ourselves before but we came across your blog through Regan's site. We, too, went to high school with Ryan "Rice" as we knew him and his sister Holly. Just wanted to say how adorable Luke and Parker are. So cute! Congrats to you both on the new baby girl. Take care.

kpmantooth said...

wonderful and precious....

christiejones said...

What great pictures! Looks like you guys got creative. The run derby is too funny :) Btw, thanks for your comment!