Wednesday, May 27, 2009

He has no clue

We have been very slowly getting things ready for Aubrey's arrival. Most of our baby stuff had to be taken apart & put in storage when we moved, so now it all has to be put back together. Luke is very eager to help me with all these tasks, but sometimes his "help" includes climbing on the exersaucer or into the baby swing and using the bassinet as a toy box to throw all his blocks into.

He was very willing to help me put the bouncy seat together...that's a screwdriver in his hand

Our Sunday School class had a diapers & wipes shower for us a couple of weeks ago and Luke loved helping me unwrap all the gifts & put them away...or stack them up next to all of his toys.

"Unwrapping" the gifts

Putting the gifts away

Obviously he has no clue that a baby is about to invade his world. He thinks all these preparations are just a bunch of fun & games. We've told him that there's a baby in mommy's tummy, and he will point to my belly and say "bay-bee" and even give my belly a kiss. We've also taught him to say Aubrey (Au-ree), but he's just too young to really understand that his little sister is going to be coming home with us in a few short weeks. We're very excited that they will be so close in age, we know that they will be great friends growing up.
Hopefully Aubrey's arrival won't throw too much of a shock wave into his world.


annaclaire0408 said...

Looks like I could use Luke's handyman help around here, send him over! Oh and I cant WAIT for my sweet niece to be here...hurry up Aubrey!!!

Rachel said...

Too cute! It's so great that he likes to "help", even if he's not much help. Great habits for the future!!

Lianne said...

What a cutie! Maybe he can keep "helping" after the baby comes! :)

Valerie said...

He is so cute. My grandson will be 23 months old when his new little brother arrives. We are hoping he doesn't get too much of a shock either. lol