Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Luke's Shoe Fetish

When Luke was born, one of the first things the nurse noticed was how big his feet were, his footprint wouldn't fit in the box on his indentification certificate. Luke's cousin, Parker, came to visit him in the hospital when he was born, and we took a picture of their feet so we could remember just how big they were.

Luke (left) was one day old & Parker (right) was 4 months old

I guess having big feet automatically makes you love shoes. At least that's what has happened in Luke's case. One of the first things Luke asks for in the morning is for me to put on his socks & shoes, which he calls "ka" & "sssha"...he works really hard on saying the "sh" sound and sometimes it sounds like a "z" sound. He has loved wearing shoes since he got his first pair from his Bigg Daddy (Ryan's dad) when he started walking at 10 months old.

Luke at 10 1/2 months showing off his 1st pair of shoes

This is yet another trait he gets from his daddy, I'm not a big fan of socks & tennis shoes, I can't stand for my feet to be much so that at night I sleep with my feet out of the covers; I know it's weird, but to me it's comfortable. I'm always looking forward to spring when I can start wearing my flip flops which I wear all spring, summer, & most of fall. Ryan, on the other hand, is always wearing socks & shoes even if it's 100 degrees outside; he doesn't own a pair of sandals, flip flops or any kind of open toed shoe.

Over the last couple of weeks, Luke has been putting on my shoes and trying to walk around the house in them. I hope he doesn't like wearing women's shoes, I think it's just that my shoes are more easily accessible to him.

Here he is in in our closet, picking out some of my shoes
And trying them on, notice how he has to pick up his foot to put it in the shoe (slipper)
He likes the slippers, they're easier to keep on than my flip flops
Here he is trying on my flip flops, sorry for the bad filming skills, I'm working on it.

Luke needed some new tennis shoes, because the awesome orange & blue ones (War Eagle!) that he had were not child proof, he could take them off in 5 seconds. Ryan and I were tired of having to put his shoes back on every time we got out of the car. So, yesterday we went to Stride Rite, which was heaven for a little boy who loves shoes.

My plan was to take pictures of him picking up all the shoes & trying them on, but I was afraid the sales lady would think I was crazy or something. We found some cute ones that were on sale, and he very patiently waited for the saleswoman to measure each foot, and then politely held out his foot for her to put on the shoes. I know my description doesn't do it justice, maybe next time I'll be brave enough to actually take a picture. He was so happy in the store he didn't want to leave, and I had to drag him away crying.

Loving his new shoes


annaclaire0408 said...

This was ur best blog yet! Keep putting videos up (maybe one of him saying "anNA" and blowing kiss). But all of us hate shoes, i think its an Alfano i guess Luke really is Ryan's son ;) When im wearing socks and shoes or anytime when my feet are covered i get a severe case of closterphobia and feel like i cant breathe! Anywyas cant wait to see you and Luke tomorrow!

Rachel said...

That's hilarious - and I can't believe how big his feet were when he was born!! Wow!!

Mama Hen said...

I'm a flip flop girl too. I actually wear mine in the house in the winter too.

Your little boy is so cute!

I found your blog through AL Bloggers. Isn't that a great idea?

kpmantooth said... funny. Jack has a shoe thing too. Jamie tells me I can't call him a "shoe diva" though. I pick out one pair, and he throws a fit...demanding to wear the pair that are too big! I wish we had a Stride Rite closer to us!

Rachel said...

When my son was a baby, his feet were huge!

They were actually cube shaped...long, thick, and wide!

I couldn't even find shoes at Stride-Rite for him!

Cassie said...

Oh he looks so adorable in that last pic! He looks like such a big boy. I love your header btw.

Lianne said...

A boy after my own heart... Conversely (huh..I made a shoe pun), my son, Luke, HATES shoes.

jennifer said...

Look at that grin! My son likes shoes too. He may be more of a clothes horse than his two older sisters.

And I'm with you - flip flops year round is not unusual for me.

Tammy said...

What a cutie!

My daughter, who is almost 8, has NEVER kept her shoes on for any length of time. We always picked her up in the church nursery and were handed the baby, the socks, and the shoes. LOL

courtne450 said...

I wish I could get my 16 month old to wear shoes! He screams whenever I try to put them on him, so he goes barefooted everywhere!
I found you on Alabama Bloggers, just wanted to stop in and say hello.