Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bye Bye Curls!

A few days after Luke's 1st birthday & without my knowledge, Ryan took an electric razor to Luke's hair to give him what he called, a "racing stripe". Ryan said he just wanted to put a thin stripe under the hair above his ear, but he ended up cutting a huge chunk of his hair above his right ear...it looked awful! I was so mad, because Luke had started getting these cute baby curls at the end of his hair and after Ryan butchered one side of his hair we had to take him to get it cut. I didn't bring my camera to this first haircut, because I was not excited about it in the least.

I was afraid the curls wouldn't come back, but 2 months later they returned & I know I'm partial because he's my child, but I thought they were so cute! The longer his hair got, the harder it was to manage, I ended up having to buy mousse to "fix" his hair every morning. I never thought part of raising a son would entail fixing his hair! After all the effort to keep the curls in his hair, as soon as he took a nap or a ride in his carseat, the curls would pretty much all fall out leaving a nappy mess. His bangs got so long they were in his eyes, so Ryan and I tried to trim them, but we're not professionals and Ryan said Luke looked like one of the guys from Dumb & Dumber:

His hair does kind of look like theirs (this is sans mousse):

So, after much debating I decided it was time to cut the curls. I found a local kids salon called Sweet & Sassy...I should've known by the name that it would be a girly heaven, but they had a Toddler Tuesday deal, so I couldn't resist. Since we didn't capture his 1st haircut on camera, I brought the camera along this time to take a few shots.



Just to give you an idea of how "manly" the Sweet & Sassy salon was...
this was a giant high heel chair

Luke's haircut wasn't the best, but now I think I know how to ask them to cut it next time.


kpmantooth said...

I am SO with you regarding the sweet boy curls!

Rachel said...

Awwww. . .. that is so sweet and sad and (sniff)

He looks like a little man now!! He does look really cute. . .but a little boy, not that sweet toddler with the curls. . . it's amazing how quickly a haircut can grow you up!!

And I love the pic with the heel chair :)

Rachel said...

Oh - and Dumb and Dumber - too hilarious!! :)

annaclaire0408 said...

my CURLS :( nooooo!!!!!

The Dyer Family said...

i still miss jacks's curls - i never thought of using product to tame the mane! dang it!!
luke is so handsome. those dimples!!! i can see how much he looks like you with that giant grin on his face!