Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tournament Weekend in Pictures

Aubrey & Kellen getting pumped up
about their first tournament
The youngest wildcat fan to ever attend a tournament

Bigg with Luke and Aubrey

Mama and Luke

Granny, Kellen, & Holly...Kellen was in mid-cheer
when he fell asleep

Reagan's baby sister, Stella
Because I couldn't resist including a few more pictures
of Aubrey & her pretzels

This is for me?!?

I was so glad we beat Tennessee, so we didn't have to hear Rocky Top one more time!

Somehow Parker was able to take her naps during the games

It takes a manly man to wear a sleeping baby

The championship game was a bit nerve-racking,
to say the least

Bigg & Mama with all their grandkids

Aubrey got to ride home in a big girl carseat,
she thought she was the "stuff"

Cheering for the wildcats all weekend long
really wears you out!


Rachel said...

1. Something that Alabama fans and Auburn/Kentucky fans can agree on: Rocky Top is the MOST ANNOYING SONG EVER.

2. It looks like y'all have more room to breathe- in basketball seats than we have in football seats. That might make me change my alliances.

3. What wonderful pictures!

Kathleen said...

the pictures are so adorable! i love the ones with the big sis/big brother and lil sis/lil brother shirts!!!

Unknown said...

Aubrey's UK cheerleading outfit is cute! And i think EVERY team in the SEC despised Rocky Top!!!

Muthering Heights said...

It looks like you all had so much fun...even the babies!! :)

Tonya said...

GO CATS!! We are insanely jealous of your trip to the SEC tournie. But, we are excited to march to the final four and see the Cats here in Indy!! :) C..A...T...S!! PS-Did you see Ashley Judd??