Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cozy Coupe

A couple of weekends ago, before we had yet another freezing cold spell, the weather was perfect for Luke to get outside and take a drive in his Cozy Coupe.

We had one of these cars growing up, but I never remember
it having such a fancy name, we just called it
the red & yellow car.

My sisters & I received our red & yellow car
for Christmas circa 1989

Little Tikes has made several upgrades to the coupe
since our days of riding it.

First of all, the days of just the plain red & yellow Cozy Coupe are long gone, you can now get a
Ride & Rescue, Tikes Patrol, or Princess Cozy Coupe.

In addition, there have been numerous
cosmetic improvements made to both
the inside & outside of the coupe.

The new coupe has eyes & a smile, which were missing from the original version, who knew it was necessary
for a toddler car to have a face?!

Our coupe wasn't furnished with a door lock and cup holders, so if we wanted to keep intruders out of the car or have a cool drink of water, we were simply out of luck.

We also missed out on the yellow removable floor for the younger toddlers/babies; if we weren't old enough to use our own legs to make the car go we actually had to lift our feet up off the grown so some one could push us,
you can only imagine how difficult that was ;)

A new feature the coupe has that I, as a parent, really enjoy
is the handle on the top of the car,
so I can easily push Luke around.

Aubrey is able to enjoy riding in the coupe
because of the nifty removable floor

My mom said this is the way that we used
to ride the coupe...on the hood

Luke enjoys riding in the coupe, but his favorite thing
to do is put gas in it.
He would fill up on gas after each ride up & down the driveway, the Cozy Coupe must get terrible gas mileage!

Ryan took the kids outside again today...

Aubrey drove the coupe
Luke rode his tractor

Then they had a little race

Aubrey only suffered a slight whiplash from the crash :)


Kathleen said...

aunt kat, aunt jeri, nana, and papa say that she needed an airbag!!! bahahahaa hilarious!!!!!!!!

MamaHen said...

She does need an airbag!

When my big three were small we had a Pooh Bear Cozy Coupe thing and we wore it out! They really are fun for kids!

Cassie said...

How fun! I love the pic of him filling it up with gas. too cute.

Tonya said...

The coupe was Sydney's favorite toy..until while she was pushing it from behind and it got away from her and smack on the pavement she went. Now, she has a nice "grey" tooth to document her memories with coupe. :) Jason and I didn't have one as kids...we styled in hotwheels! :) l

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, this is too cute!!! I love how the car has improved over the years...maybe when they have kids there will be a GPS in it! LOL!

Rachel said...

Hilarious! Poor Aubrey's head...when are they going to add the airbag into the Cozy Coupe??

I never had one, but I always wanted one. Then I never got one for Ali - what kind of Mom am I?!!?!

Jaci Spain said...

These pictures are so cute...and Aubrey's hair is cracking me up:)