Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback Friday

The best & worst from October 2008

The worst - Luke after waking up from a nap

Now for the best
My favorite

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Aubrey's New Tricks

Crawling through our chair barricade,
so she can climb up the stairs
Going potty

and flushing

Standing up in her Cozy Coupe

Friday, July 16, 2010

Flashback Friday

In September of 2008 we moved from
Auburn to Birmingham.

While we enjoyed our time in Auburn, we were ready to live in a bigger city and be a bit closer to family.

Luke helping me pack
You really can get a lot done if you stick your baby
in a giant box with a few toys
Luke was a little unsure of our new place in Birmingham, and for the first day or so he just followed me around whining, but when I unpacked his toys and he had some familiar things around, he was back to his old self again.

Just a few days after we moved in,
Aunt Holly & Parker came for a visit.

Luke & Parker were at the stage where they were constantly taking what the other one had.
They both loved cheerios,
but weren't too happy about sharing them.

We also had a little celebration for Parker's first birthday, because Hurricane Ike crashed her real birthday party earlier that month.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July Fun

Aunt Holly, Uncle Andy, Parker and Kellen came to visit us over the fourth of July weekend.

Saturday we made the treck up to Blountsville
to visit Spring Valley Beach waterpark.

My friend, Rachel, told us about this waterpark,
and she said it was great for toddlers, but to remember
that it is in Blountsville, so there will be
some coooountry people there.

I filed her comment somewhere in the back of my mind, and didn't really think about it again, until the moment we arrived at Spring Valley Beach, and who do we put
our stuff down next to, but...
Now, if Tooter Mae is not country,
then I don't know what is

And of course, you really know you're in the country(around a bunch of rednecks) when you see this:

Anyways, back to the actual waterpark;
Parker and Luke loved it!

They walked around in the water
Watched the giant bucket dump water all over everyone
Their most favorite part was riding the big slides
As soon as Luke got off the raft,
he would shout, "Again, Again!"
Parker was a dare devil
and rode with her hands high in the air
And laughed hysterically when she got to the bottom.

The waterpark is definitely not for babies, and if we had to do it all over again, we would have probably left Aubrey & Kellen with a babysitter, so all of the adults could get in on the slide action!

But, for the most part the babies were troopers and
kept a smile on their face
Kellen has the "prettiest" blue eyes.
The smiling ceased when the snacks ran out, and I received this glare from Aubrey:

So, we packed up and started our journey back to the car

Spring Valley Beach did not disappoint, and we hope
to visit again soon!

Sunday, we went to church and then grilled out for lunch.

After naps, we decided to try a photoshoot with
all the grandbabies, here's how it went:

It started off with Aubrey pitching a fit because
her feet were touching the grass
Luke decided to take control of the situation with Aubrey and proceeded to put her in a headlock
to get her to stop whining.
Parker had just woken up from her nap
and was in no mood to smile, meanwhile,
Luke thought Kellen needed his head rubbed
With no hope of a natural smile coming from any of these kids anytime soon, the daddies started acting crazy trying to force some smiles
In the middle of all the picture taking, the toddlers decided to love on Kellen a bit

I believe this is the best one of all 4 of them,
no smiles, but at least they're all
looking in the direction of the camera

After the photshoot, we all headed back inside,

all except Miss Priss who wasn't about to get off of her towel and venture onto the sticky, prickly grass

"Hey you, come pick me up,
because I am NOT crawling on this grass!"

She sat

and sat
and sat,
but was determined not to make a move,
but to wait for some one to rescue her.
So rescue her we did.

We had a wonderful weekend
celebrating our country's independence!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Flashback Friday

Alabama Bloggers

September 2008 was our last month in Auburn.

So Luke and I spent every chance we could
cheering on our(my) Tigers!

Aunt Anna, Luke, and I after a Auburn pep rally
Luke enjoyed the tailgating,
but was NOT a fan of the grass

Aunt Anna and Luke before the LSU game

Luke rolling Toomer's Corner
The first and only time in the 2+ years that I lived in Auburn, that I "helped" (aka watched)
Toomer's Corner being rolled
Although I always hoped that
Luke would be an Auburn fan...
He has several different teams to root for
Go Cats
roll tide