Thursday, January 27, 2011

January in Pictures

January started off with Luke's 3rd birthday.

We celebrated by going to the Galleria and riding the carousel, playing on the hot dog truck & enjoying our favorite mall treat, a cinnamon sugar pretzel.

The overly cautious birthday boy passed by all the reindeer and instead chose the nice
and very safe sleigh to ride in.
The birthday boy's sister, a dare devil at heart,
was thrilled to get to ride a reindeer.
Despite the non-moving nature of the sleigh,
Luke loved every minute of the ride.
Aubrey getting excited about the cinnamon sugar pretzel.

On almost a nightly basis, Ryan and the kids
enjoy a bowl of popcorn.

As soon as the kids hear the popcorn popping in the microwave they each go to the cabinet
and get out their own bowl.

Ryan figured out pretty quickly that Aubrey
was not into sharing her popcorn.

We've had a candy jar full of Christmas M & M's
this month, and every once in a while,
I'll give one to the kids.

I picked up Aubrey one day and put an M & M in her mouth, she looked at me with the most serious face,
held out two fingers just like this:

and exclaimed, "two!".

I couldn't resist the adorable face, so I of course obliged.

So, that's what we've been up to this well as cleaning, reorganizing and preparing for baby # 3.

We hope he makes his arrival in a few weeks!

Monday, January 10, 2011

White Christmas in Indiana

Snapshots from our White Christmas in Indiana.

There was already snow on the ground in Madison when we arrived, so the kids (& Uncle Andy) were anxious to get out and play in it.

Being that we all live in the deep south, we were not prepared with proper snow attire, so Uncle Andy improvised and used plastic bags & duct tape to make some redneck snow boots & gloves.

Day 1 of playing in the snow

After making snowballs & snow angels, it was time to come in and make some cookies with Bigg.

Everyone got a turn at adding an ingredient

and stirring the batter

Opening presents

Kellen & his airplane ride on toy
Luke now has each & every car
from his favorite movie, Cars
Aubrey helping daddy put her horse ride on toy together
Princess Parker

Day 2 of playing in the snow:

Aubrey decided to join in on the snow fun, so daddy had to make her a redneck snowsuit.
You might not can tell from the picture,
but she really was thrilled.
Aubrey in her Walmart snow jacket & gloves as well as plastic bag snowsuit & boots

We got some fresh snow Christmas Eve,
so Daddy decided to take the kids sledding
Luke wasn't a big fan of the sledding,
but Aubrey loved it.

Uncle Andy giving Aunt Holly & Parker
a push down the hill

Family picture in the snow

Christmas night at Granny & Grandads:

All the cousins had a blast riding on
and falling off of the buckin' bronco

Grandad led everyone in some Christmas Hymns,
Aubrey joining in on the singing

Our attempts at a picture of the cousins in their Christmas outfits from Bigg & Mama

Christmas in Birmingham

A snapshot of our Christmas celebrations in Birmingham.

Aubrey wearing my youngest sister's old Christmas dress

Christmas with my parents & sisters:

Aubrey's new bunny...she immediately realized it was an impostor & has wanted nothing to do with it since.
Aunt Anna showing Aubrey
how to use Luke's new nerf gun
Trying out their new table

We really enjoyed the hayride with the Latham's
to see some Christmas lights.
You might remember the Latham's house from last year.

Since we were going to be in Indiana for Christmas,
had our family Christmas a few days early:

Aubrey making breakfast in her new kitchen

Her favorite part of the kitchen was the telephone
Luke loading up his matchbox car holder
Luke's Thomas the Train set

Stocking time
Aubrey's shock at finding a twix bar in her stocking

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Luke!

Luke is three years old today!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of him
over the past 3 years:


6 months

1 year old

2 years old

2 1/2

3 years old