Monday, January 2, 2012


We-by, as he is affectionately referred to by his big brother and sister, has probably starred in a total of 3 posts since he joined our family 10 1/2 months ago.

So I figured it was about time to devote an entire post to my precious, easy going, almost always happy third born.

Other than waking every 2 hours at night for the first month of his life, he has by far been our best sleeper. I have, on several occasions had to wake him up around the 9:00 hour.

As you can tell

he seems to have a problem

with growing any hair.

In order to avoid being self conscious about our baldness, we like to wear hats

Both his older siblings had a head full of dark hair by this point, but it seems that his locks might be golden, and his eyes are most definitely blue.
Didn't think it was genetically possible that one of my offspring would have blond hair and blue eyes!

Being the baby of the family has many perks, but also comes with several disadvantages.

Like, being undressed by your older sister while trying to enjoy your lunch,
or being used as a blank canvas for your sister's art project,

having to use the only clean bib available
which usually is pink,

and sometimes when Daddy's in charge, having to use your Johnny Jump Up as a crib

Though it may seem that Levi tends to be neglected from time to time, he is also showered abundantly with love, hugs, and kisses from his siblings

We love our Levi Guy!