Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fashions of Easter's Past, Part I

With Spring in the air and Easter just around the corner, I started thinking about Easter fashions, specifically the
Easter fashions that my sisters and I sported.

Although my mom was a tomboy at heart (she grew up with two brothers), and instilled many of those tomboy traits in each of her 4 daughters, she always made sure that every Sunday her girls were dressed in frills from head to toe.

Easter, being the mecca of frilly holiday apparel, was her chance to adorn us in more lace, bows, bonnets, and
smocked dresses than you can imagine.

As I was reminiscing, I began to go through some old
Easter photographs and compile a list of things that were
essential to an Alfano girl's Easter outfit:

1. Bonnets are a must...the bigger, the better

Close up of the above dress (sans bonnet),
2. Smock is highly encouraged, along with
a very bright & colorful bracelet

3. Your bloomers must be color coordinated
with your smock and your hair bows

4. You need to match your smock with your cousins' smock,

And finally, Easter Fashion Couture

6. Make sure your hair is rolled Saturday night
with sponge rollers

7. You need a hand made white flowered "halo"
to help your curly poof lay down

8. Ruffled socks assure that even
your ankles look fashionable

9. White, lacy dress must come with puffy sleeves

10. The Easter look is NEVER complete without
white lace gloves

While some may think that this look is a little "over the top",
I think we looked adorable...
for the late '80s/early '90s anyways.

Now if you talk to Anna or Kathleen they might have a totally different opinion on our attire :)

I'm sure my youngest sister, Jeri, isn't saddened in the least that she came along years later when the rest of us
were too old to wear so many frills.


Kathleen said...

i love it! as much as i hated the bows, curls, dresses, lace, etc. I LOVE IT!!!!! haha, looking back - i have to admit...we are kinda cute aren't we??

MamaHen said...

Oh my were adorable. Your little boy looks so much like you when you were little. Wow.

I was just thinking I might post on old Easter outfits. Rachel got me thinking about it. You should do a Mr. Linky!

Rachel said...

At least I wasn't alone in my 80's adornments. But I must say, I was never quite THAT adorned. Wow.

Love it!

Jaci Spain said...

GREAT pictures...that is so hilarious. I always had to sleep in sponge rollers on Saturday nights too and HATED it. They hurt my head and I was such a tomboy:)