Monday, March 8, 2010

Adventures in Houston

We had a great time in Houston visiting
Uncle Andy, Aunt Holly, Parker, & new baby Kellen.

While Aubrey and I were helping out Aunt Holly with baby Kellen, Uncle Andy took Parker & Luke on a toddler tour of Houston, I'm pretty sure they visited every fun kid thing
that Houston has to offer.

First, they went to the park and did some
climbing, sliding, and swinging

Next, they went to the zoo (they actually went the the zoo twice during our visit)

Taking a milk break inside the fish tank...the zoo has a tunnel that goes inside the fish tank and you can see
the fish swimming all around you.

Then it was off to the children's museum where they:

Drove & sat on the engine of an old mustang

Did some grocery shopping

and performed a puppet show

And of course the kid tour of Houston wouldn't be complete without some souvenirs...
rolling animal back packs from the zoo

Uncle Andy also took us to this place called Stomping Ground, it was a huge indoor playground for the kids and a coffee shop for the adults! I thought it was an awesome place, the kids played while we had sipped on lattes!

I'm pretty sure Uncle Andy wins the award for
the most fun uncle of the year!

Aubrey's big adventure in Houston was
trying broccoli for the first time
Although you may not be able to tell from her expression,
she really did like it and cried when I took it away!

After a long adventurous day, the kids were happy to relax in front of the TV and watch some Mickey Mouse

Welcome Baby Kellen, we're so glad to have you in the family!


Kathleen said...

the backpacks are hilarious - as well as the grocery shopping picture. they look like little adults grocery shopping! oh and in the last picture aubrey looks like she ate a whole lot of broccoli while yall were there...a little chunkier than usual??? :) haha i could just eat up all her little rolls!!!!!!!!!

oh and the pic where luke and parker are hugging-you need to put that in black and white and frame it-that one is priceless!!!!!!!!!

Cassie said...

I love the picture of them grocery shopping- so cute!

Jaci Spain said...

Oh wow, they are SO cute together:)

Rachel said...

That cousins picture is adorable! And I love the backpacks. Looks awesome!!