Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh, The Faces She Will Make

Although Aubrey is not yet verbal (other than babbling),
she is quite capable of letting you know exactly what she is thinking from the poignant expressions on her face.

This must be the beginning of her inherent female drama, because I don't remember Luke having such intense facial expressions that are able to change with the drop of a hat.

Of course, she has the normal, cute baby faces:


The flirtatious glance


Shock and Awe


Then there's the faces that I struggle to put a name with:




And finally there's, THE FACE,
which happens to be our most favorite Aubrey face:

The Death Look

The death look is given for an array of different reasons, among them include:

wanting to be held, not receiving nourishment fast enough, being manhandled by her brother,
and just plain being dissatisfied with the
services that her daddy and I are providing.

I have struggled for weeks to capture this look on camera and finally yesterday morning, I wasn't quite fast enough at replenishing her breakfast, so I received several of these "death looks".

After about 3 of them, I ran to get my camera and purposefully delayed putting more toast on her tray
and sure enough, I got another death look
and was finally able to snap a picture of it!

Although this expression makes us laugh every time we see it, we do hope she grows out of it soon, because it's a very demeaning look, it makes you feel like crawling under the table to hide (as is the point of most death looks).


Anna said...

i think she got the flirtatious & the anger look from her Aunt Anna :)

Rachel said...

After reading this phrase,

"purposefully delayed putting more toast on her tray"

I hereby, with the powers vested in me by nobody, bequeath you as an Official Blogger.


Lianne said...

As demeaning as the death face may be, it sure is FUNNY! I'll bet her brother will see a lot more of that face in years to come...at least, that's how it is at my house!

Muthering Heights said...

She has the BEST expressions ever!!!! Seriously, I LOVE them!

Lindsay said...

I am so impressed with your ability to get all those looks on camera! Tessa will not perform at all for the camera. Good job!

Kathleen said...

love the faces!!! the death stare comes from the alfano side of the family. i think we all have it! :) she is so cute i could just eat her up! kisses from aunt kat!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaci Spain said...

SO cute...she is SO expressive:)