Monday, May 3, 2010

Luke Meets a Combine Harvester

Weekend before last we headed up to Indiana
to visit Ryan's family.

When Bigg & Mama (Ryan's parents) got wind of
Luke's new fascination with everything tractor related
they phoned a friend of theirs to see if
Luke & Parker could go visit their farm.

So, Saturday morning we all headed to the Stephan's farm
to see some real live tractors.

Upon arrival Luke was greeted by this John Deere tractor...
I had no idea (neither did he) how big they were,
I think he was a bit overwhelmed

After some persuading we were able
to get him up into the cab of the tractor
Don't think Parker was too confident in Luke's driving skills
Next, Luke was able to see a combine harvester,
his most favorite piece of farm equipment,
for some reason he really likes to say the word
"combine har-bes-ter"

This time Parker was in the driver's seat
& Luke was the weary passenger

Luke was thrilled to get to see many other farm vehicles:

An All Terrain Vehicle, or as he calls it "Trey-hicle"

Planting & Harvesting machines...this bonafide city girl
can't remember their technical names :)

and what is a farm without a "Monster Truck",
that's what Luke referred to this farm truck as

Parker wasn't all that impressed with the big farm equipment, she'd much rather stand in the field and pick flowers
Before we left the farm, we were able to see a mommy cow with her newborn calf, he wasn't even a day old!

While we were taking in the sights of the farm,
Aubrey & Kellen were chillin' at home


Rachel said...

How fun!!! He's destined to be a farmer...

MamaHen said...

James is really into tractors and bulldozers right now. It must be a three year old boy thing.

I love the picture of Luke looking up at the big tractor!

Cassie said...

That is so cool! I bet he loved it!

Kathleen said...

how fun!! i would have loved to see his face when he saw all those tractors!

Kathleen said...

this is in response to your comment on my blog...

1) that couple has an amazing story...i havent read all their posts but i have read alot...very encouraging blog to read!

2) your hair is so cute right now! i promise, everytime i see you i think your hair looks so good! (very cool "mom" cut) :)

Muthering Heights said...

He looks so tiny next to the equipment!!

How fun!