Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Luke!

My precious baby boy is TWO today!

In some ways these past two years have flown by and in others it's hard to remember what life was like
before Luke was born!

We feel so blessed to have such a happy, healthy, and
very active 2-year-old!

Luke is not, by any means, a perfect child, he has quite a temper and can be very whinny at times, but the joy he has brought to us far outweighs the times
when we want to ring his neck. :)

Luke has recently become a sponge to any and everything that we say.

Some of the things that come out of his mouth we have no idea where they come from.

He was riding in the car with Ryan's parents last weekend and when they went over a speed bump,
Luke exclaimed, "Oh My Goodness".

Neither Ryan nor I say that, so I have no idea
where he learned it.

Luke really grown into his "big brother duties"
over the last few weeks...

Luke received a new booster seat for Christmas, so Aubrey could move into his high chair. Although Aubrey's not really eating at every meal with us, I still strap her in her seat so she can get used to being at the table with us.

I usually have to leave the table a couple times at each meal to retrieve a drink, utensil, etc and each time I do I make sure to tell Luke what I'm going to get.

As soon as I leave the room Luke turns to Aubrey and tells her what I'm doing, "Mommy get milk, be right back".

It's so cute that he thinks Aubrey needs to be aware of what mommy's doing.

The other day I was cleaning up the kitchen while Luke and Aubrey were playing in the den, I heard Luke talking some nonsense gimberish and then I could make out some real words every now and then.

I got curious and walked in the den to see Aubrey sitting in her exersaucer staring at Luke who was seated on the floor next to her with a book opened in his lap.
He was reading to her!

Luke has really started to put whole phrases and sentences together, but many times when he tries to say the phrase he runs the words together, so it can be difficult to figure out what he's saying.

One morning he wanted something on the kitchen counter; he was pointing to the counter and kept saying some phrase over and over and I couldn't make out one word of it.

After about the 10th time that he said this phrase, I finally just picked up the bag of pretzels on the counter, held it out to him and this was our conversation that followed.

Me: "is this what you want?".

Luke: "Yes, That's Whats Sayin'! ".

Me: "Did you just say, "that's what I was saying"?

Luke: "YES!".

He was obviously asking for the prezels (which he knows how to say) and was annoyed that I couldn't figure out what he wanted, so he responds with a slightly sarcastic
"that's what I was sayin'.

And my favorite new phrase: " Wuv You Mommy!" (Love You)

We love Luke more than we could ever have imagined and thank the Lord everyday for blessing us with him!


The Dyer Family said...

Yay!!! Happy Birthday to Luke! I forget that we share a birthday. ;)

Amy said...

I can always remember Luke's bday b/c we share the same one. I also remember that you were due with him on December 28th. Ross and I were in Gatlinburg when we got the call on the 4th that he had arrived. He sure is a cute little guy!

Cassie said...

Aw happy birthday to him!

Jaci Spain said...

Happy Birthday sweet Luke!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Luke!!!

He's SUCH a sweet boy! Love the stories!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Luke!

Muthering Heights said...

Awww!! Happy birthday to him!!

Mama Hen said...

Happy Birthday Luke!!!!