Sunday, January 24, 2010

7 Months

Aubrey is 7 months old!

New Milestones:
  • Sitting up all by herself
  • LOVES fruits & veggies (homemade)
  • HATES rice cereal
  • Holding her own bottle
  • Mode of transportation is rolling
  • Says "dada" all the time
  • Laughing a lot more, especially at Daddy
  • Working on weaning from the paci
  • Her hair is starting to grow just on the top of her head & it sticks straight up :)
Daddy's assistant
Disclaimer: That is most certainly NOT our Christmas tree topper in the background of this picture, I never leave random Christmas decorations lying around the house because I missed them when I was packing up the rest of the decorations.

Aubrey wearing one of my baby dresses,
this was the first dress that my mom cross-stitched
Her new face, most of the time both eyes are squinting


annaclaire0408 said...

I cant believe she's already 7 months old! And THANK GOODNESS her hair is growing on the top of her head, we all know why thats a good thing :)

Jaci Spain said...

That is so sweet that she is wearing your dress! It's adorable. And that is wonderful that she is sitting by herself now. That was always a huge milestone!

John and Brooke said...

please let me know how weaning the paci goes...that is my goal this summer. I just don't want to deal with it until then...I have heard the thought of taking it away is much worse than actually doing it...lets hope!

Catherine Anne said...

What a cute one!!!

Mama Hen said...

Okay, I am in love with those legs! I can't believe she is 7 months old. Abbie's hair did the exact same thing, when it finally started growing it grew straight up. I will have to post a picture so you can see how much they are alike.

Rachel said...

She's adorable! I love the new face!

btw - without fail, I always have a missed Christmas ornament that lives in my office for the rest of the year. And it's a lucky year if I remember it's there in time for the next Christmas.

Lindsay said...

Such a cutie!

I'm sad to say that with the exception of our tree and door wreath, ALL of our Christmas decorations are still up in the house. I should be too ashamed to even admit that.....