Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Day

My sisters and I always had a Christmas morning tradition of taking a picture at the top of our stairs before we went down to see what Santa had brought us.

Well, I wanted to keep the Christmas morning picture tradition, but try to make it our own.

Most weekday mornings Luke wakes up before I'm ready to get up, so I go get him, put him in my bed with me and turn on Mickey Mouse, so I can get a few more minutes of rest, and sometimes Aubrey will join us too.

Since the kids are usually in our bed for a little while every morning, I thought we'd take our Christmas morning picture in our bed every year.

Aubrey had already had her morning bottle before the Christmas morning photo shoot, so she was in a great mood...Luke on the other hand was not
in the picture taking mood.

A Merry Christmas Scowl

Well, that's better than the scrooge face
A Grinchly grin

This is probably the best one
Christmas hugs

After the photoshoot we went downstairs
to see what Santa brought.

Luke got a slide and some nerf golf clubs
Much to our surprise, Luke was very cautious around the slide, for a while he wouldn't even
go up the stairs without our help
But he loved the sliding down part
He even tried a few tricks on the slide

The golf clubs were a big hit

Luke already has pretty good form

Santa brought Aubrey a Jumperoo!
It took her a few days to figure out that she could actually jump in it, but now she's a jumping machine

Luke's new obsession is the Cars movie, so he was thrilled to get a Cars coloring book in his stocking.

Luke was all into unwrapping presents this year, he'd unwrap, not even look at the actual present then move on to unwrapping something else whether
it was actually his present or not

In all the unwrapping excitement, he somehow managed to get a piece of wrapping paper stuck to his backside

Christmas afternoon we headed to Atlanta
to celebrate with my family

As soon as we arrived, more unwrapping commenced

This time Aubrey decided to get in on the unwrapping action

She wasn't quite coordinated enough
to rip the paper off the present,

So she settled for tasting it
Guess wrapping paper is just as tasty as it is pretty

Aubrey received her first baby doll

And Luke got a Cozy Cruiser

We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating Christ's birth
and spending time with family


annaclaire0408 said...

the grinchly grin is my favorite :)

Lianne said...

Luke's slide looks super-fun! Aubrey's doll looks a lot like her. Great pictures!

Rachel said...

I love the bed shots...too funny!

Ali's still afraid of slides. Maybe she needs to come over so Luke can give her lessons...

Aubrey's baby doll is as big as her!!

Lindsay said...

Cute! Eli got the same cozy coupe car for Christmas. So far it's been too cold for us to take it outside, so he's been putting all his animals in it and pushes it around the house. It's also his favorite poopin' spot. Lovely....

Anonymous said...
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kpmantooth said...

Sweet, sweet and love the narration (words and pictures)!!

Kathleen said...

pictures in the bed are hilarious! luke not a morning person? he might get that from his aunt kakeen! haha!

Jaci Spain said...

What a cute idea! Love all the pictures!

Marie said...

Love the bed pictures! And that baby doll is as big as Aubrey. Love your kids' Christmas PJs too! And thanks for proving that we are not the only ones that put a slide in the living room on Christmas morning. :) (though I doubt that yours stayed up in the living room as long as ours did LOL)