Monday, January 25, 2010

Cold Hippos in the Fireplace

I was just catching up on some blog reading, while Luke was sitting on the fireplace playing with his cars.

Suddenly Luke gets up, walks over to me,
and begins this conversation:

Luke, in a soft voice: "Shhh! Hippo's fweeping (sleeping)."

Me: "Hippo? Where is the Hippo?"

Luke: "In fireplace"

Me: "We have a Hippo in our fireplace?"

Luke: "Yes!", "Shh!, weeper(whisper), hippo's fweeping!"

Luke goes back to the fireplace for a minute and then returns.

Luke: "Hippo's cold!"

Me: "The hippo is cold?", "Where should he go if he's cold?"

Luke: "To the see his friends"

Apparently we have hippos sleeping in our fireplace, and I guess they're a bit cold because we have never actually built a fire in the fireplace.


Lianne said...

You must have one big ol' fireplace.

p.s. I love "fweeping." That is too cute. I forgot that my Luke used to say that, too!

Cassie said...

That is so funny. I wonder what he would do if you DID try to build a fire in there!

annaclaire0408 said...

ummm where's the picture?

Rachel said...


Ali's always shushing me because her baby or her stuffed animal is sleeping...Chris and I just had a conversation about it the other night, because I tend to think she's "using" it to have control of me (because she will continually shush me for half an hour at a time), whereas he thinks it's all imagination and should be completely played along with.

Who knows...

Kathleen said...

ahhhh hahaha~! remember he was telling us about the hippo earlier today!!! thats hilarious!!!