Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Preview

Growing up, my sisters and I always had homemade Halloween costumes;
they were much more economical than the
sometimes very pricey store bought costumes,
and if done properly they turn out just as cute
or even cuter than store bought ones.

My mom and I threw around several idea for a
homemade costume for Luke and
I finally decided on a football player,
because he already has several college football
jerseys and hats.
My mom found some real football pants with pads in them and everything.

We were invited to a kids Halloween party Sunday,
so Luke was able to try out his costume early.

I made a deal with Ryan that if Luke could wear his Auburn jersey to the Halloween party
then he could wear his Kentucky jersey on Halloween Day.

We have one mean-lookin' football player,
wouldn't want to mess with him ;)

Think he could make a tackle, dragging his blanket with him?

Now, what to do with Miss Priss?

I was just going to let her wear my niece's old costume, but then I started thinking...
what does every Auburn football player need to get them pumped up for the game?

An "Aubie"
My mom found this tiger sleeper at WalMart and
I thought it fit perfect with Luke's costume.

What a ferocious tiger

No more growling left in this tiger

War Eagle!


annaclaire0408 said...


Cassie said...

Oh I love it! WAR EAGLE! And Jackson is going to be a tiger too!

Rachel said...

I LOVE it!! Too cute!

The blanket really adds to the ferocity of his costume, of course.

Hey - you think they'd let Ali join them in her Alabama Cheerleading outfit? Or would she get beat up?

Kathleen said...

ok, so they are my nephew and niece so of course im going to say that they are cute...because they are. however, i am not too excited about the choice of halloween costumes this year. they would look much cuter in something alabama. i guess ill let this one slide though....

kpmantooth said...

So precious. We had two Aubies one year. :) (I painted sweat suits as I've always been into the creative side of Halloween....) This year...Party City for all three. Oh was a good run. :)

Lindsay said...


Jaci Spain said...

I am a HUGE Alabama fan, but I still have to say, they both look VERY cute:)

Trista said...

I guess they are cute, even if it is AUBURN! :D Roll Tide!

I'm a fellow Alabama Blogger and wanted to stop by for a visit! You can visit me @,, and Hope to hear from you soon!

Muthering Heights said...

Their costumes are Grrrrreat!

Oh yes, pun intended. I went there.