Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cowboy(girl) Gym

Before Luke was born we loaded up on all the latest and coolest baby products, and believe it or not we put almost all of them to good use.
All but one, his cowboy gym/playmat.

From an infants perspective the cowboy gym looks like it would provide hours, or at least several minutes, of entertainment.
But, Luke hated it, he would scream
every time we put him on it.

Aubrey, on the other hand, loves the cowboy gym, or I guess I should say, cowGIRL gym.
She will sit on it for what seems like hours just staring at the animals, sqeeling, and kicking her legs.

Aubrey enjoying her cowgirl gym...
of course Luke likes it now that some one else is using it :)

Sometimes, she plays so hard she wears herself out

Luke would scream so hard that he would wear himself out
(Luke around 2 months old)


Rachel said...

Ali loved hers and AJ was scared of hers. Those playmats cause quite the disparagement of emotions in infants...

Cassie said...

Cute pictures! Jackson didn't really like his tummy time mat either.