Monday, October 26, 2009

Adventures in Indiana, Part IV

The last installment of our adventures in Indiana,
involve these two things:

Yes, my 20 month old son was flying high in the sky,
miles away from his mommy, in this tiny 6-seater plane.

Ryan, Uncle Andy, and Big wanted to take Luke and Parker
on a short plane ride over Madison.
So, they set off for a local airport.

While Luke was exploring the hanger,
Parker was getting an up close and personal
tour of the plane wing...
yes, she is getting her diaper changed on the wing
After everyone had been freshly changed,
Big showed his muscles and pulled
the plane out to the runway

Boarding the plane

Ready for take off!

Studying the gorgeous views

Parker wasn't satisfied to just sit back and enjoy the view...

She wanted to climb up in the cockpit and learn
how to fly the plane

Flying can wear you out!


annaclaire0408 said...

You are so brave Christen! I would be terrified the whole time since all you hear in the news is about these little planes CRASHING!

Rachel said...

How many people can say that they had their diaper changed on the wing of a plane?? I love it! Great pictures!