Friday, October 30, 2009

Flashback Friday

It's been several months since I've had time to do a
Flashback Friday post,
things are beginning to settle down a bit,
so hopefully these posts will return for good.

These are a few of Luke's favorite things to do at
3 months old

Helping daddy work
Sitting in the Bumbo

Taking a bath...he would always hold on to the side of
his bath seat
Relaxing in the recliner
Trying out the exersaucer
As you can see from the look of shock on his face,
he was a bit overwhelmed with the exersaucer.
In fact, for the first few weeks I put him in it,
he would scream his head off,
but eventually he got used to it and loved it!

Snoozing...he went through a stage where he slept with
his hands behind his head


Kathleen said...

what a cutie!

Jaci Spain said...

TOO CUTE! I love the hands behind the head picture:)

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, I love the stare he's giving the exersaucer toy...poor kid, it really it a lot to take in all at once!

Rachel said...

Adorable! He looked a lot like Aubrey! All of the Blevins kids have always slept with their hands behind their heads. . . . it's a family quirk. Maybe it will be a Sparks family quirk too!