Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aunt Jemima

I grew up in a family of 5 women, my dad was WAY out numbered! I loved every minute of being the oldest of 4 girls and wouldn't trade it for anything!

Although there was an extraordinary amount of estrogen at our house, my sisters and I were not, what you would call "girly girls". We all loved sports, are all very competitive and can perform bodily functions with the best of the boys...just ask Ryan (he was appalled the first time he met one of my sisters:).

Even though we all had a tomboy side, we did wear dresses and my mom ALWAYS had a bow in our hair. As you can imagine, with 4 girls, you need a lot of bows.

We had thousands of bows, one for every occasion; ones with our names on them, ones for school (with rulers, chalkboards, & apples that you could velcro on the bow), fancy ones for church, red & green ones for get the picture.

It seemed like the older we got the bigger the bows became, by the time I was at the end of my elementary school years some of my bows were bigger than my head!
Wish I had those pictures and a scanner so you could get the full effect, but just trust me, we had some GIANT bows :)

I never thought there was anything wrong with a girl wearing a bow, that's just what you did if you were a girl. Well, apparently not everyone grew up thinking like that...for instance, my husband. Ryan does have a sister, but I guess she never wore a bow, because he is ANTI-bows!

Aubrey has not had the pleasure of wearing too many bows since she graced us with her presence, but recently I have been slipping a few headband bows in her hair and Ryan hates them.
The first thing Ryan said when I put the bow in Aubrey's hair is, "she looks like Aunt Jemima", "take it out!".

Aunt Jemima, really?!?
Does my precious daughter really resemble the syrup lady when she wears a bow?

I'll let you be the judge:

Well, they do both have the same round face and chubby cheeks!

I like the bows, so I think they will stay!

Aubrey's bow repretoire isn't quite what mine was as a child,
but thanks to my friend, Kerri, who gave her several headbands and tons of bows,
she has a great start!

Aubrey and I cheering on the Tigers Saturday...notice the Auburn blue and orange bow


Cassie said...

War Eagle! I love the bows :)

Kathleen said...


Mama Hen said...

keep the bows!

Muthering Heights said...

Awwww, she looks cute!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE the bows! I didn't think I would be the type of mom that would like bows until I had Tessa. Now I'm obsessed with them :).

Kate Bagley said...

Great post! I am the oldest of three girls, so I know where you are coming from! The bows are adorable! Who doesn't love Aunt Jemima?

annaclaire0408 said...

I think Ryan is still appauled by me :) But luckily im okay with that!

Rachel said...

Aunt Jemima?! So does Ryan think "Aunt Jemima" every time he sees a little girl with a bow?!? Ali is quite offended right now, I tell you.

Or she would be if she weren't napping.

I am a definite bow fan (especially since without them, Ali would look like Janis Joplin and not be able to see through her hair), but I am VERY particularly picky about the SIZE of said bow.

She will NOT be wearing bows bigger than her head.

I'd REALLY like to see your pictures with those, though...