Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adventures in Indiana, Part III

With all the moving chaos I never had a chance to finish up the series about our last trip to Indiana. If you missed our first two adventuress go here and here to read about them.

After Parker's big Nemo birthday bash, the kids wanted to watch Finding Nemo before bedtime.
So they took a quick bath and got into their PJ's, but not just any PJ's, their matching animal PJ's.

Kissin' Cousins

What's a movie without popcorn?

So, they got their popcorn bowls and patiently waited for
Big(Ryan's dad) to make the popcorn

This wasn't just any old microwave popcorn, this was Jiffy Pop that daddy and Big
had used on their fishing trip in the wilderness...more about that later

When the popcorn had popped, they filled their bowls with popcorn, sippy cups with milk
and grabbed a seat on the rug

Luke was very intrigued, he'd never seen Finding Nemo before

Watching a movie on the Big Screen is over-rated, it's much more enjoyable to watch
Nemo on a laptop screen


annaclaire0408 said... might be a redneck

Lianne said...

I LOVE the matching jammies. They are precious!

Rachel said...

CUTE! For some reason, Parker looks like Mia Spain to me...I think it's the eyes. Of course, both Parker and Mia are absolutely gorgeous, so that's a good thing!