Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend in Indiana

A couple of weekends ago we were headed to a family resort in Missouri for a vacation with Ryan's family.

After a few short hours of traveling
our destination made a detour to Indiana.

Ryan wasn't able to join us until the last day,
and boy was he missed.

My most-of-the-time sweet, kind, obedient toddler
grew horns and turned into an uncontrollable,
"terrible" two year old.

For some reason, Luke took Ryan's absence as a free pass to through multiple tantrums a day, not respond to any sort of discipline, and regress on his potty training.

I was completely frustrated, lost my cool on many occasions, and called Ryan in tears several times
during the weekend.

Anytime that Ryan would talk to Luke on the phone,
the crying and screaming would cease and Luke
would respectfully answer all of Ryan's questions
and promise to be a wise boy and obey Mommy.

But, that didn't last for too long, an hour or so after talking to Daddy something else would set Luke off
and a tantrum was imminent.

Thankfully, Uncle Andy and Bigg were there, and they took Parker and Luke to the pool, zoo, and movies, and each time Luke was with one of them, he was pleasant, well-behaved, and went potty.

I guess during this stage of Luke's life, being away from home without Daddy is a lethal combination, and
we hope to avoid it at all costs in the near future!

Seriously, though, just those few short days without Ryan around made me so grateful that Luke and Aubrey have a Daddy who enjoys spending quality time with them, loves them immensely, and in love corrects them, in hopes that one day they will turn their lives over to Christ and develop character qualities that are Christlike.

Aside from the Luke issue,
we did have a great time with family in Indiana.

Luke, Parker, and Hillarie had fun playing in the pool

Parker hosing Luke off after and incident
that's too uncouth to discuss on this blog

Everyone loved watching Bigg, Uncle Andy, and Derek play softball

Hillarie cheering on her Daddy

Luke shouting, "Go Uncle Andy!".
Parker cheering for her Daddy.

Luke, just moments before being hauled off
the softball fields while screaming and crying
that he didn't want water to drink.

Parker and Luke showing off their new
Toy Story and Cars sunglasses

We attempted to get a good family picture while everyone was in town, this is what happened:

This is as good as it's gonna get until all the kids are at least in middle school


Unknown said...

great post, the sparks make some adorable babies!!!

Muthering Heights said...

Great photos!!

It's too bad that your son was acting up...it's sad when little ones can't express what they really mean {that he must have missed his Daddy!}. I'm glad that your husband was able to comfort him over the phone though!

Rachel said...

That's an awesome family picture! I'm sorry that Luke was such a handle ... it's amazing what a difference Daddies make, isn't it??

j said...

Taking a group picture with small children is difficult! I was always tired when it was over.

I'm glad you had a great time in Indiana!