Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Little Princess

Last weekend while we were at my grandparent's house, we decided to have a little photo shoot
with Aubrey in her tutu outfit.

I still don't know how to properly work all the features on my camera, and the lighting and colors in my grandmother's living room weren't exactly professional, but some of them turned out well.

I had to include this one, because I love
chubby baby legs :)

Aubrey wasn't too sure about the tutu
She didn't like the way it felt and
wouldn't keep it on for very long


Anna said...

what a BEAUTIFUL princess!!!

Muthering Heights said...

She looks adorable! I love the ruffle on her butt...soooooo cute!

MamaHen said...

I love those chubby legs too! Baby chubby legs are the best!

Cassie said...

She is SO cute! I love her tutu!

Amy said...

ADORABLE! I guess the tutu will be put into the grass category. Looks like she has the same reaction to both.

Rachel said...

Those are awesome!! I love the tutu!! And Ali would too, I'm sure!

Kathleen said...

my little sassy pants!!!!!!!! i love these pictures!!!!!!! :) she is by far the cutest princess ever!!!