Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Girl and Her Food

On my dad's side of the family(the Alfano side) there isn't one girl who doesn't love to eat...well maybe with the exception of my youngest sister (she could live off pb & j sandwiches).

My sisters, cousins, and I were never shy around the food; at family meals we were always first in line and filled our plates as high or higher than the boys.

In my immediate family there were several mouths to feed and not always enough food for our big appetites, so we learned to eat fast in order to be the one
who was able to get seconds.

Eating fast is not the greatest habit to have and ever since Ryan and I started dating he's been trying to break me of it.

I remember one of the first times Ryan ate a meal with my family, he just sat in awe (or should I say disgust) as he watched my sisters and I literally inhale our food.

Ryan was puzzled at our love for food, because as he told me at the beginning of our relationship,
"I just don't enjoy eating".

When my sister, Anna, heard him say this, she was completely flabbergasted, she looked at him like he was an alien, exclaiming, "what do you MEAN you don't enjoy eating?!?".

All this to say, Alfano girls love to eat!

It seems that Aubrey has inherited this
Alfano affinity for food!

She has been a great eater since birth and she has never been afraid to alert you when she is hungry; from hearing her hunger cries, you'd think that she was malnourished or something!

This morning I introduced Aubrey to biter biscuits
and of course, she loved them!
But, I must say she did didn't make near the mess her brother did the first time he ate a biter biscuit.

I'm glad we have at least one child who loves eating!


Lindsay said...

I wish I did't enjoy eating. Thimgs would be so much easier that way...

What are biter biscuits? I've never heard of them.

Muthering Heights said...

She has the BEST expressions...seriously!!

Rachel said...

That first pic of Aubrey is hilarious!! Love it!!