Tuesday, February 23, 2010

8 Months

Aubrey is 8 months old!

The two highlights of this past month were getting her first 2 teeth and finally growing some beautiful brunette locks.

Aubrey's first 2 teeth starting coming in a couple of weeks ago and it was not a fun experience for her
or for anyone who was around her.

She was in such a whiny mood that one of our story time buddies, Ethan, forbid her from ever riding in his car because he was tired of hearing her whine.

Aubrey's new hair looks more like a spikey mohawk than beautiful brunette locks...she inherited
her daddy's soft, fine hair and must have his cowlicks too.

Side view of mohawk

But, I can't totally blame Ryan for Aubrey's hair woes, I had a mohawk of my own when I was her age.

The only difference was that my mom was able to
curl my mohawk
Because of this mohawk,
my parents called me "Mr. T" as a baby :)

Don't think we'll be giving Aubrey
any "cute" nicknames like that.


Kathleen said...

classic picture of you as a baby! haha! i cant believe she is 8 months old! what a cutie! give her and luke kisses from aunt kakeen!

Cassie said...

Oh my goodness she looks so much like you did as a baby! I love the mohawk :)

Rachel said...

Oh wow...giving up a nickname like that could be very dangerous, Mrs T...