Friday, December 18, 2009

Things You Learn from Babysitting a Princess

Last Friday night we had the pleasure of having
Princess Ali over to play.

If you want to know why we refer to our friend, Ali, as a princess you should head over to Ali's mommy's blog and read about how Ali loves to wear princess dresses, watch princess movies, and munch on princess snacks.

There are many things we learned about princesses
while Ali was visiting...

When a princess is the eating something sticky, she prefers for it to be wrapped in a napkin, evidently it's not proper for a princess to have sticky fingers.
If you can't see what's in Princess Ali's hand in the picture above, here's a closer look
Luke didn't even notice the stickiness, he just dove right in

Although princesses may seem to always be prim and proper, every once in a while they like to trade their high heels and crowns for basketballs and footballs.
This princess in particular is a great shooter!
And she can dunk with the best of them
Never tick off a princess when she's armed with a football
If you're going to play ball with a princess, you must make sure to take the ball from her SWEETLY,
if you don't you will be reprimanded

Rough-housing games like pillow fights
don't amuse a princess

Princesses are very creative, they can turn something as plain and boring as a recliner into a fun and exciting slide

And last, but not least, a princess will be your friend forever
if you give her chocolate milk

We had a great time with Princess Ali, we hope she comes over again soon, our princess-in-training, Aubrey,
could use a few lessons from her :)


Lianne said...

Cuuuuuuuute! When do you want me to send my kids over? I'm sure it will give you LOTS to blog about! ;)

Mama Hen said...

I'm with Lianne. I can send my four over and you will have material for the month. Or more.

Muthering Heights said...

It looks like she has a great time with your family!!

Rachel said...

Tee hee!! You crack me up! This is all hilariously told by you - love it!

Thanks so much for keeping her! She's still talking about your meatballs, football and basketball...even the FOOD at the Spark's household has a sports theme!!

Jackamo said...

Too fun! Let me know when you want to keep Caden and Ethan so that Luke can get some hero-in-training tips! :)