Thursday, December 3, 2009

Manners Please

As I'm trying on some pre-Aubrey pants this morning,
I hear a small voice saying, "Non't fit, Non't fit!" (Don't fit).

Yes, my 23 month old son just had to remind me
that I haven't quite lost all my baby weight yet,
and those pants were still a little too tight to wear.

How in the world did he figure that out?!

Some one needs to teach him that it's NOT polite
to point out to a girl that she can't fit into her old pants :)

Eventhough he needs to learn some manners,
how could you not love this face?!


annaclaire0408 said...

bahahahaha that is so funny! Luke is so perceptive :) And you're right, how could you not love that innocent looking face! Gosh i wanna kiss those little cheeks so bad right now!

Mama Hen said...

Good Stuff!!!

They know too much don't they?

He is precious and I love the picture. Shows off those dimples!

Rachel said...

That is just SO wrong! ...but pretty cute.

Kathleen said...

baahahahaa do you want him to lie to you??? haha he is so cute. and dont worry Christen, youll be back in those pants in no time! youve already lost ALOT of weight, you look great!