Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving and Un-Christmas

This year we went to Indiana for Thanksgiving and
what Ryan's parents call "Un-Christmas".

Since we only get to see Ryan's side of the family every other year for Christmas, on the off years, we celebrate Christmas while we're in town for Thanksgiving.

Ryan's parents have affectionately named the off years, "Un-Christmas".

Align Center Gifts are still exchanged like normal, but instead of using their normal decorations, Ryan's parents decorate with a tropical theme. All of the Christmas tree ornaments are tropical and instead of stockings they kids have
metallic colored pails.

Un-Christmas started with a visit from Santa.
If you look close enough you can see the floral pillow stuffed in Santa's jacket...guess Santa went on a diet and needed some extra stuffing to fit into his suit.

Unfortunately, all the of the 2 year olds
were scared to death of him.

Parker was too frightened to even look at him.

Luke gave Santa a glance,
but wasn't about to go anywhere near him

Hillarie held on for dear life to her mommy's shirt

Aubrey was the only one brave enough
to actually sit in his lap.

Her bravery was rewarded with a tasty treat

Once the toddlers saw that Santa gave Aubrey a Candy Cane,
they all seemed to muster up enough courage
to get close enough to him to grab the candy

After Santa left to go back to the North Pole,
the Un-Christmas fun continued.

Parker and Luke made us some homemade waffles.

Luke and I enjoyed our blueberry waffles

Daddy even gave Aubrey her first taste of waffles

Once our bellies were full, it was time for the best part of Un-Christmas: opening presents!
Luke's newest "cruck"'s loaded with all the latest and greatest redneck accessories: a trailer, 4-wheeler and
radio that blares country music :)

Aubrey even got into the present opening spirit

Luke and Parker showed their appreciation
for the gifts they received with a big Un-Christmas hug
Disclaimer: My brother-in-law is most definitely NOT wearing adult footed pajamas!

After the gifts were unwrapped it was time to
play with the new toys

Being the princess that she is, Parker received many items to add to her royal collection: princess jewelry, princess doll, and princess tea set.

When Luke saw how much fun Parker was having being a princess, he left his trucks behind to try to learn how to be prim and proper like princess Parker.

He learned to accessorize with a princess bracelet
And even attended the royal tea party

He soon realized the royal life wasn't for him, so he retrieved his trucks and found a lady who'd rather
crash trucks than sip tea.

When playing princess and crashing trucks grew old, it was movie and snack time

Finding Nemo and Cars were the movies of choice
Yogurt covered raisins and golf fish were the snack of choice

All in all it was a magnificent and very Merry Un-Christmas!


John and Brooke said...

What a cute tradition!

annaclaire0408 said...

YAY such a good post! And i hope Luke will share his redneck cruck with me :)

Rachel said...

What a great recap post! I'm glad that Luke decided that Crucks were for him after all...hopefully Ali won't be a ladylike example for him tonight!

Muthering Heights said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time!!

That sounds like a great tradition!

Marie said...

How much fun! The kids are all so adorable! And are you sure those weren't footed PJs?

Rose said...

Christen, It was nice to meet you and Aubrey at the shower as well. I hope you're family has a Merry Christmas.