Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aubrey's Dedication

Ryan and I view are children as precious gifts from the Lord.

It is our hope and prayer that our kids will receive
Christ as their Lord and Savior,
and that they will live their lives fully devoted to Him.

Before our children were ever born, Ryan and I dedicated
them to the Lord, but we also believe in taking part of a
formal baby dedication service in our church.

Aubrey's dedication service took place
on Sunday, November 22nd.

I got up extra early that morning to make sure
everyone was dressed, diaper bags were packed,
and babies were fed and happy.

I went through a mental checklist before we left the house
and was positive that I had remembered everything.

Well, we get to Sunday school early with plenty of time to
eat breakfast and socialize.

Then, right in the middle of the Sunday School lesson
it hit me (kind of like it hit Kevin's mom in the Home Alone
movies when she realizes she left her son at home) ...
I left my camera and video camera at home!

I was really distraught, how could I have forgotten
the cameras on such a special occasion?!

Ryan volunteered to go home and get the cameras,
but I was afraid he wouldn't make it back before the service.

Luckily, I have a good blogging friend, Rachel,
who never leaves the house without her camera
and she graciously loaned it to me for the service.

Ryan found a couple who was videotaping
their son singing in the children's choir and asked them
to tape the dedication for us.

Crisis averted!

The service was very special,
memories were captured on camera
and best of all Aubrey was an angel during the whole service!

Aubrey is wearing the dress that my youngest sister
wore at her baby dedication
During the Service

Family picture


Rachel said...

Aubrey looked gorgeous!!!
I'm glad my OCD camera carrying paid off!!!

Rachel said...

P.s. - I love in that last picture that everyone is looking at a different camera except for Luke - and he's looking straight at it, as if to say, "At least I know where to look!"

But it's a great picture!!!

annaclaire0408 said...

Yall are such good parents! When i have kids will you raise mine as well? ;)

Lianne said...

Wow, does Rachel go ANYWHERE without her camera? :)

I love the family pic. The one of Aubrey clasping her hands in the chair is awesome! She's such the little lady!

Muthering Heights said...

What a SPECIAL day! Congrats to you! :)