Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Exersaucer Fun

We got the exersaucer out yesterday
so Aubrey could give it a try.

If you'll remember from Flashback Friday a few weeks ago,
Luke hated the exersaucer when he was first introduced to it,
so we were hoping for a better result with Aubrey.

We put her in and here's what happened:

Complete and utter shock

But, no matter what new and exciting toys
we put in front of her,
she always content to watch her big brother

Luke was feeling left out, so he insisted
on joining in the exersaucer fun


The Dyer Family said...

those cheeks on little aubrey are delicious!!!

Jaci Spain said...

She cracks me up with her eyes popping out of her head and those adorable cheeks:) Too cute!

Muthering Heights said...

LOLOLOL, I love her "shocked" expression!

annaclaire0408 said...

she is just the most content baby ever! And it looks like Luke's hair is getting darker, i like it!!!

Rachel said...

I'm a terrible friend, and here you go reminding me of it.

We borrowed Christie and Jarrod's exersaucer...and we remembered to return it...the day after they moved to New York.

Lindsay said...

Ah yes - the excersaucer becomes so much more appealing when baby sister is playing with it.