Thursday, November 19, 2009


Luke has a new fascination with the word "mine".

We don't know where he picked it up,
(we certainly didn't teach him the word)
but many times during the day he'll pick up
a toy, book, cup, etc.and exclaim, "MINE!".

So, we have used this opportunity to
teach him what it means to share.

I've tried to explain to him
that the toys are not just his, but he is to share them with
Aubrey, mommy, daddy, and any other friends he plays with.

Many times I think the words I say just go right over his head,
because 10 seconds later I'll hear him say "mine" again.

But, there are little glimmers of hope that he is listening
and actually understanding what it means to share.

Glimmer 1:
We were left with tons of Halloween candy due to the fact
that we only had 2 trick-or-treaters!

Ryan and Luke's favorite left over Halloween candy
was Nerds. For about 2 weeks after Halloween they would
eat a box or two of "Nerts", as he calls them,
every night after dinner.

One night Luke was standing at the coffee table
admiring the Nerds daddy had given him,
when all of a sudden he picks up a few,
walks over to me and says, "here mommy, nerts".

I was so excited and praised him
for sharing his nerds with me.

He went back to his table, ate a few more nerds,
and then brought more to me.

After that, every time he was given nerds
he would share them with me.

Glimmer 2:
As I've mentioned before Luke loves to play
with cars and trucks, or as he calls them "crucks".

His favorite thing to do is line them up on a flat surface,
and then one by one push them off shouting "crash".

The other day I walked into the den and found this:

Luke was sharing his beloved "crucks" with Aubrey.

Not only did he line them up for her to admire,
but he sat down with her and told her about each one...
"cruck, cacksi (taxi), car, choo choo train".
Fortunately, for Aubrey's sake, he did not crash his trucks
into her...although he has done that before :)

I have to remind myself that even though it may not seem
like Luke understands what I'm saying to him,
he is picking up on many of the things we are teaching him!


Kathleen said...

i have experienced the word "mine" from luke many times! im so glad he's learning to share!! what a sweet boy! :)

Lianne said...

I love the look on Aubrey's face! She's all, "Oh, Yeah! Crucks!"

The sharing will get better in time. My kids are really good at it. Except for the Wii.

Mama Hen said...

Christen, both of your babies are just precious. I love the look on her face as she is looking at the trucks. Believe me, you don't have to teach them the word Mine or NO.

annaclaire0408 said...

does Luke EVER where matching pajamas? :)

kpmantooth said...

Love the encouragement that there is hope. Jack is very much in the "mine" stage. In fact, when B and I returned from Boise, he asked for "MY Bepbe." (So much for my thinking that I might have been missed.) :)

carol said...

Ah mine is a favorite word of the toddler group. I just acknowledge that EVERYTHING in the world belongs to my two year old. He had a t-shirt that said something like it I see it it's mine, If I want it it's mine. don't remember the exact but it was pretty accurate for how he feels

Rachel said...

That's so wonderful! Isn't it exciting when they start showing love and maturity? I love it!