Friday, November 20, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Ok, maybe it doesn't really look like Christmas yet (unless you
go to the mall or happen to have a neighbor who already has
all their decorations out), but I sure have been in the
Christmas mood since the day after Halloween.

We've had the car radio and "boom box" blaring
Christmas music for weeks now.

I even found a local radio station that's been
playing Christmas music.

The kids have been sporting their Christmas PJ's all week.

I've also put quite a large dent into our Christmas shopping.

I love searching for the perfect gift for everyone,
especially for Luke and Aubrey.

I went to Toys R Us last week to do some shopping...
the only reason I went there is because they had the best
deals for what we wanted to get for Luke. I know it sounds
surprising, but I did my share of researching toy prices, and
Toys R Us beat everyone including Amazon and Wal-mart!

As I walked through the toy isles my eyes lit up
and I could hardly contain my excitement!

There's just something about getting a gift for some one
that makes your heart happy!

Christmas was such a magical time for me growing up,
and I can't wait to see those same feeling in my kids.

Gift giving is a very exciting part of Christmas, but
we want to teach our kids that the real
reason for Christmas is celebrating our Savior's birth.

I've already been trying to explain to Luke that
Jesus was born on Christmas and that's why we celebrate.

We've read the story of Jesus' birth in his baby Bible
and he'll point to the baby and say "baby Sesus"!

I hope all of you are getting into the Christmas Spirit
and remembering the true reason for the season!

Aubrey in her Christmas gear...
yes, those are reindeer booties :)


annaclaire0408 said...

Aubrey is so precious i cant stand it! See you in a few hours!

Lianne said...

I am with you. I got on the Christmas mood so early this year. I adore the Christmas pjs! Love the reindeer booties, too!

Cassie said...

OMG I love her booties! Those are precious! I've had Jackson in Christmas PJ's already too. I took him out shopping in a Christmas outfit one day this week and got some stares but oh well! I can't wait to put our decorations up, I just wish it didn't require going through all of the boxes in our storage shed...

laura.murphree said...

They are too cute. I am definitely in the holiday mood too. Even though I have much less time than last year I am much more excited now that we have a little one.

Rachel said...

Good to know about Toys R Us! Thanks for researching for us!

I LOVE their Jammies and Aubrey's Christmas outfit - adorable!