Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Splash Pad

We had a blast yesterday playing at a splash pad/playground with some friends from church.
If you don't know what a splash pad is (I didn't) it's basically a playground that sprays water everywhere.

I was certain that Luke would love the splash pad since he has grown to love his "poo" (pool), but he didn't want anything to do with it when we first got there.
So, we headed over to the regular playground to climb stairs, swing, and play on the slide (those are the only 3 things he does at the playground)

Climbing stairs with his friend, Ella

He calls the slide a "weee" because that's what we say when he slides down it

Swinging with Nathaniel

After lunch, we headed back to the splashpad, this time he loved it!

Where was Aubrey during all the fun? Snoozing in her carseat, she slept the whole time! I would've taken a picture of her, but I had the carseat cover completely over her, so she wouldn't be exposed to the sun.

Chillin' at home after a long nap at the playgound


Brandi said...

My son is having his first birthday at the splash pad. It is a very neat place.

Rachel said...

That's so awesome that she slept the whole time - she's quite considerate of her big brother's playtime!