Monday, August 10, 2009


Most of the time Luke refers to Aubrey as "baby", he always wants to know where the "ba-bee" is and what she is doing.

For a while he prounouced Aubrey, "Au-ree", but last week he picked up the "b" sound, but dropped the "r", so now when you ask Luke what the baby's name is, he responds, "Au-bee".

Wonder if Auburn is looking for a new mascot? ;)

I think she's way cuter than the real Aubie!

In the picture above Aubrey is sitting in the baby swing. We recieved the swing as a gift from my grandparents before Luke was born.
Luke sat in the swing for hours and hours when he was a baby, he loved it!

When we moved from Auburn we had to put the swing in storage, and when we got it out a few months ago to get ready for Aubrey it didn't work!
So, Aubrey hasn't been able to enjoy the swing.

Well, today I needed to get some things done and Aubrey refused to take a nap longer than 30 minutes, so I put her in the swing and gave it a push.

Of course she loved it and some one else thought it looked like fun too...

I promise that no babies were hurt in the making of these photos!
After a few forceful pushes I decided to ban Luke from running the manual swing.


Rachel said...

I love it - the new Aubie!

And That is a bummer about the swing! Surely it's fixable? Not that I'd have any idea HOW...

annaclaire0408 said...

hahahaha great post!!! I agree that your little "au-bee" is cuter than the real Aubie! And dont ban Luke from pushing the swing, he just wants to help so say "gentle" and show him how to push it :)

Kathleen said...

AHAHAHHAHAHAA this is hilarious!!! he was just trying to help out :)

The Murphrees said...

it seems like luke is really getting into his big brother role.

Trina said...

Ha! I almost got turned off thinking this was an Auburn post (ROLL TIDE!). But then saw pics of the baby :) She's adorable. My little 3yo still can't say some letters and I think it's so cute!