Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

My brilliant child learned how to climb in and out of his high chair, the only problem was the chair took hold of his shirt and wouldn't let go

He did this at least 3 times the other night and instead of helping him, I laughed at him and ran to grab my camera


annaclaire0408 said...

hahahahahaha you are such a great mom! I would love to see a video of the tantrum he threw right after the last picture was taken :)

Mama Hen said...

Too cute. Oh, those climbers. I know, I have four of them.

Cassie said...

That is too funny!

Lianne said...

And as all good moms do, you took a picture before rescuing him. You are my kind of mom!

p.s. My son saw this and marveled, "I do that all the time after breakfast at my chair."

Rachel said...

Ha! Way to go. You are officially a blogger now. I remember well the post where I realized that I would rather leave my child in a precarious or uncomfortable position and be able to photograph/blog it than to rescue them.


Welcome to the club.

Kathleen said...

bahahaha this is hilarious!!!