Friday, July 24, 2009

Flashback Friday

Two years ago this month, Ryan and I were headed to the doctor's office to find out if our first child was a boy or girl. We were both so excited and would be happy with a boy or a girl, but I knew that Ryan wanted a son.

After what seemed like hours of waiting for the ultrasound technician to check all the baby's organs and make sure it was healthy, she finally said " do you want to know what it is?". We both said yes, and she turned the screen around and said, it's a boy! I turned to look at Ryan to see his reaction and just as she said the words, he yelled, YES! For the rest of the time we were in the ultrasound room he was literally dancing back and forth in the room, he was elated and so was I!

Luke really looks up to his daddy, and they have a lot of fun together doing "guy" things like playing dodgeball in the house...that'll be a post for later.

The first time Ryan held Luke

Daddy gave me my first taste of real food, banana pudding, at 8 weeks old!

Note: We're not in the habit of feeding desserts to infants, Ryan just wanted to see what Luke would do if he put the spoon up to his mouth

Napping with Daddy

Ryan made sure from day 1 that Luke knew exactly what team he was going to cheer for.

Go Cats!

Watchin' Kentucky play basketball
After Kentucky lost...this happened quite a bit that year


Mama Hen said...

I love the picture of him sleeping on daddy's chest. I have one like that with our oldest son. It looks like he is so peaceful.

Jason and Tonya said...

So Cute! Especially those UK shots..a big favorite in our house. I kinda want to steal your flashback Friday idea..great!! :)

christiejones said...

Oh this is great Kristen. I love it!! What a cute idea. Miss seeing you guys!!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

LOL, the last photo is HILARIOUS!!!