Monday, September 13, 2010


Although Aubrey is still not yet walking,
she is quite capable of climbing into, onto, and
down from just about anything.

Aubrey started climbing the stairs at 11 months, and once she figured out that we didn't want her to climb up the stairs, it became her favorite thing to do, and we would often find her sitting at the top of the stairs.

So, we decided to teach her how to master getting down the stairs by herself which she is pretty good at, and has only fallen down the stairs a few times :)

She loves to climb onto anything from the couch, fireplace, into the kitchen cabinets and she even climbs down from our bed which is probably twice her height.

Aubrey's new favorite climbing apparatus
is the slide Luke got for Christmas
that we still have in our living room.

One day last week I saw her climb onto the first step and before I knew it she was sitting at the top.

So proud of her accomplishment

She can almost climb all the way up this way too

I'm afraid we have a fearless child on our hands!


Jaci Spain said...

How cute...she looks so proud:) Can't believe how much hair she's gotten lately!

Rachel said...

That's hilarious! I guess climbing is just more fun than walking...

Cassie said...

She looks so happy! She worked hard to get up there!

Muthering Heights said...

Awww, good for her! :)

Anna said...

she's the opposite of this age he was on "trash" patrol if i remember correctly...i need to go back and watch the video from that post again "uh-oh, trash, eww, bug"

Kathleen said...

lol she is a climber, and she NEVER sits still! cute pics!!!