Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mr. Chatterbox

Recent conversations with Luke:

Luke was watching me fix my hair one morning and upon completion, he looks at me and says excitedly,
"Mommy's hairs looks pretty!".

Luke was staring at Ryan's face, he then points
to Ryan's nose, and says very seriously,
"Daddy, that's yours nose, your big nose."

During dinner one night, Ryan asks Luke
if he wants some more Lima beans.

Luke thinks for a second and replies, "ummm...I'm sick".

This morning Luke was playing in the basement
for a while, after he comes upstairs,
this was our conversation:

Luke: "I want my yellow golf pub (club) up here."

Me: "Ok, just go downstairs and get it,
then bring it up here."

Luke looks all the way down the stairs, then up at me and says, "I'm berry (very) tired of this, you go get it".

Me: "I'm 'bery' tired too, if you want it, you can
go downstairs and get it".

Luke loves his little sister very much, he likes to give her a hug, kiss and say, "I wuv Aubrey, I take care of her".


Anna said...

love it!

Mama Hen said...

Don't you know a boy gets berry berry tired playing so much? :)

Rachel said...

He's starting to grow in that conniving gene!! I like it!! :)

Muthering Heights said...

Hehehe, he sounds like such a funny little guy!

Kathleen said...

hahahahaa so funny! I love talking to him on the phone - he gets so excited he jumbles his words and i cant understand him! :) so cute!!

oh and im running later at night so its not sweltering hot...thats my secret. :) still hot though, i try not to think about it!!!