Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heard Around Here Lately

I was in the middle of cooking dinner and I hear
the crash of at least a hundred crayons
falling to the floor in the dining room.

I walk into the dining room, look at the crayons on the floor, then up at Luke, and before I could say anything,
Luke exclaims, "Wuke(Luke) Sparks! What did I do?!".

Guess he's learning to reprimand himself,
that should make my job a whole lot easier!

I help out with Cubbies at church on Wednesday nights, so Daddy is in charge of bath and bedtime on Wednesdays.

The following is our conversation as
we were getting into bed last night:

Ryan: Did you check on the babies?

Me: I checked on Aubrey.

Ryan: Did you see what she's wearing?

Me: No, she was covered up.

Ryan: She didn't have any pajamas, so she's wearing
Luke's shirt and some tight pants.

Me: Tight pants? What do you mean tight pants?

Ryan: You know, the things she wears
under her dresses for church.

Me: Tights?!? You put her in tights to sleep in? Do you know how uncomfortable those things can be?
Would you want to wear tights to bed?

Ryan: Well, I couldn't find any pajamas for her.
I'll go take them off.

Ryan then proceeds to take off her tights and replace them with socks, all the while Aubrey is sound asleep.

Ryan claims he has the "magic touch" with Aubrey and I totally agree; if I went in there and even touched her, she would immediately wake up and start screaming.

While I wasn't able to get a picture of Aubrey last night
in Luke's undershirt & her tights,
this is what she looked like this morning.
Daddy likes to put an extra spike on the mohawk after bath time.

This morning Luke was playing with his cars, and he looks up at me and says, "cars need a spanking".

"Cars need go to Waundry (laundry) Room and get spanking" (that's our spanking room).

I asked him why they needed a spanking and he replied, "cars disobey mommy and daddy, dey(they) need spanking".

Well, at least I know that he understands
why spankings are given.


Lianne said...

This is all hilarious! My Luke was "Wuke" for the longest time, too.

Tell the truth: Ryan was secretly proud of his tight pants ingenuity, wasn't he? LOL! Clearly, he's a manly man who has never worn tights. :-D

Jaci Spain said...

Oh Ryan cracks me up! Tight pants?! What the heck?! I can just picture the whole conversation...Poor daddies, they really try but wow...

annaclaire0408 said...

Wuke does NOT need a spanking!!! Dont make me call DHR, ive gotten very skilled at reporting child abuse this semester!

The Dyer Family said...

I am cracking up!!! I love Luke reprimanding himself - and the tights to bed. priceless!

Kathleen said...

im sitting here dying out laughing in my apartment by myself. ryan and clothing his children do not mix do they??? and good gracious could luke be any cuter??? my goodness. :)

Rachel said...

Those are hilarious! I love Ryan's dressing-of-Aubrey stories - they're ALWAYS entertaining!!

I think you need to do a "Daddy Fashion Show" post. :)

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, poor Aubrey! I certainly wouldn't want to sleep in my tights!!

kpmantooth said... and funny. Won't these stories be precious say...around prom time?! hee hee