Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Easter Olympics

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen Savior!

After church we headed to our family lunch.

While most families have a traditional egg hunt after lunch, our family competes in an annual Easter Olympics.

Since there are only a few kids left who are of
Easter-egg-hunting age, my aunt came up with the idea
last year to hold an Easter Olympics, in which the
big kids (college & up) compete in various egg related relays
against the big kids at heart (middle aged & up).

We celebrated Easter with Ryan's family last year,
so this was our first year to experience
the Easter Olympics and BOY, was it an experience.

Teams were chosen and everyone lined up
to begin the first event, the Egg Relay Race.

There were several Big Kid teams...
I have eleven first cousins on this side of my family
The Big Kids at Heart team getting psyched up for the first event...my dad has 5 brothers, but one lives in New Jersey, so Ryan and my oldest cousin were recruited to their team.

My cousin, Jennifer, putting her game face on

We were all born with the competitive gene, but no team was more competitive than the Middle-Aged & Up team

Apparently carrying an egg from one end of the gym to the other is quite exhausting...time to take a breather.

Egg Toss was the second event at the Easter Olympics.

This relay requires...

Immense concentration

Soft hands

and Flexibility (or maybe I should say bendability)

The next event was Curling, with eggs and brooms.

I had never heard of the "sport" of Curling until this year's Winter Olympics, it quickly caught my attention because it was one of the most unique sports I think I've ever seen.

You should have seen our version of Curling,
it was quite hilarious

I guess the dinosaur toy was a good luck charm

Steal the Egg(akin to Steal the Bacon) was
the finale of our Easter Olympics
Since this was the last event,
the Old Guys had to give it all they had.

My dad has a knee injury and could barely walk the day before, but some how managed to dive after the egg
Ryan even got in on the diving action in order to make sure that gold was captured for the Old Guys

Luke, Aubrey and cousin Jacob cheered for their
crazy family...well, maybe they were just in awe
Don't worry, no children were harmed during any of the Easter relays, Jacob got the black eye at school.

What in the world are they doing, Mommy?!

When the last event ended my Aunt Debra, who was
the line judge, referee, and m.c., tallied the scores
and was ready to announce the medal winners

And the Gold Medal goes to...

The Old Guys
The Medal Ceremony
Flaunting their muscles and their medals
Uncle Tommy was so excited about his gold medal,
he had to show it off to Aubrey
Although the Big Kids didn't take the gold this year,
they were still very proud of their silver medals
Aft the closing ceremonies, we headed outside
for an egg hunt for the little kids.

This is the first year Luke understood
how to hunt eggs and he loved it!

Searching for candy
like last year
Unfortunately this year the eggs didn't have any M&Ms

Counting his eggs

Easter family photo


kpmantooth said...

This is awesome!!! LOVE IT!

Muthering Heights said...

What a FUN day!!

You all look great in your Easter outfits!

Rachel said...

What FUN!!! I Love it. I was totally going to say that Cousin Jacob must have gotten in the way of the big kids at heart...until you reassured us that's not what happened.