Monday, April 12, 2010

Girlfriends and Swings

It was too beautiful this weekend to not get outside and enjoy the weather, so Saturday we headed to the park.

The playground was one of Luke's favorite places
to go last summer.

From the time we would get to the park to the time
we had to drag him back to the car, he was
climbing, sliding, swinging, and exploring.

Well, something must have happened over the winter, because he didn't want to do anything but climb through a tunnel a few times and
play with a bouncy ball he found on the ground.
We did manage to get him in a swing one time,
but it was only for a few minutes

He did, however, manage to meet
a lady friend while we were there.

Aunt Kathleen and Luke were throwing the bouncy ball back and forth, and most of the time Luke had to chase the ball because he hasn't quite gotten the catching part yet.

As Luke was running after the ball a little girl came up
and took the ball before Luke reached it.

Kathleen told him that he might have found a new girlfriend.

Well, the word "girlfriend" must have sent sparks off in his eyes because he watched and occasionally followed that little girl the rest of the time we were at the park.

She came by the swings where we were and Luke excitedly said, "Look Mommy, there's a girlfriend!".

Then the girlfriend started squealing and throwing a little tantrum and Luke whispered, "Girlfriend's pooping".

While Luke was more interested in "girlfriend"
than the playground, we had high hopes
of Aubrey's first real trip to the playground.

Last summer all Aubrey did was snooze in her stroller
while we were at the playground.

First, we put her down in the grass,
so she could watch Luke play.
Evidently, she did not enjoy the texture of the grass.

So much so that she made this awful face,
refused to touch the grass with her hands
and tried very hard to lift her legs off the ground
I think we might have a princess in the making.

Since relaxing in the grass while watching Luke was out of the question, Aunt Kat suggested that we try the swings next.

Luke absolutely loved swinging at her age,
so I figured she would too.

Boy, was I WRONG!

This was her initial reaction

After the initial shock wore off, she was able to
put her arms down and just look at us in disgust.

This is the first time I have ever seen
an actual frown on her face

I'm glad you guys are so amused by my misfortune, but will you put the camera down and rescue me from this thing?!
After this we decided Aubrey would be much happier
being carried or strolled around.

Although it may look like no fun was had at the park Saturday, we did have a great time, there just wasn't much actual playing on the playground...
maybe we'll try again next weekend.


Mama Hen said...

Christen-could your baby get any cuter?

I love the pics of her in the swing. And my sister Jill was afraid of the grass also. If you put her down on it she would just stand there, frozen and crying, until someone would rescue her. She was also afraid of the cracks on the porch at my grandmother's house. She would just stand there and not move.

Lianne said...

"Girlfriend is pooping." Tee hee hee!

I am feeling Aubrey's pain. I'm not a grass texture girl, either. The look on her face in the swing is priceless! You can see her thinking about putting you in a home when you are elderly just by that look! ;)

Jaci Spain said...

How funny-go Luke! And Aubrey looks less than amused by the swing:) At least she's not screaming though! Averi went through a stage where she was petrified all of the sudden of the swing and started screaming bloody murder as I pushed her in the swing. I was so embarrassed and everyone stared at me as though I knew that was going to be her reaction!

Kathleen said...

aubrey and the swing was quite possibly the funniest thing ever!!! haha and i forgot about luke's girlfreind! you forgot to mention he followed her around while she was pitching the fit!! haha!

Rachel said...

Poor Aubrey...maybe her parks-are-fun gene will grow in soon!!! :)

Girlfriend is Pooping is STILL cracking me up!!

Muthering Heights said...

LOLOLOL, she looks so mad in the swing!!! That is too funny!

Jackamo said...

If Luke wants any relationship advice, we can sit him down with Ali and Ethan. They know all about "girlfriends" and "boyfriends."

Aubrey was cracking me up!!

Lindsay said...

I love the girlfriend's pooping comment. Hilarious!