Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pictures of Aubrey

This is Rachel again, standing in for Christen. We went to visit them this morning, and got a few pictures to share with you!

Here's Mommy (who looks stunningly AMAZING, by the way!!) with baby Aubrey:

She is a gorgeous and happy baby!

And Luke is an excited (if not completely clued into what's happening here) big brother:

Christen, Ryan and Aubrey will be headed home tomorrow, so I'm sure that there will be many more pictures next week!


Mama Hen said...

Oh, so sweet. She is precious. And you look great!

W. Ross Kilpatrick said...

Congratulations Christen! Also, Please tell Ryan that I say, "hello and congrats!"

courtne450 said...

Such a pretty little baby. Congrats!


kpmantooth said...

SO happy to see this sweet girl. I really would be honored to paint something for her...a gift. Just let me know your preferences, please. :)

The Murphrees said...

She is beautiful!