Sunday, June 7, 2009

Luau on the Lake

Saturday we went to my cousin's Engagement Party/Luau at Logan Martin Lake. My grandparents had a lake house on Logan Martin when I was growing up and it was one of my favorite places to visit, so it was great to get to bring Luke there.

Luke was still a little scared of the water, this is as close to getting in as he would go.

They had a pinata for all the kids, and Luke even got a couple of swings at the pinata
after all the big kids were done.

When the pinata finally broke & he figured out there was candy all over the ground, he ran to gather up as much as he could.

He got so much candy, he couldn't hold it all!

Enjoying his prizes!

Luke didn't get to actually take a ride on the boat, but he did sit on boat while it was at the dock.

Luke's favorite thing about the day was blowing the horn on the boat.


Rachel said...

Cute! Chris' Aunt and Uncle lived at Logan Martin until they moved to the Beach, so we love it up there too. Hopefully he'll decide he likes water before Summertime is over!!

The Coleman's said...

I have just now found you!!! Why did this take so long?! :)
We love Lake Martin too... Luke is sooooo cute!

Mama Hen said...

He's so cute! How in the world did you keep him so clean at the lake though?

Christen said...

Mama Hen, the only reason he's clean is because he was too scared to actually get into the lake...and we were only there for a couple of hours :)

annaclaire0408 said...

Wow Jacob was NOT happy about Luke pushing the horn on the boat! I cant believe what a big boy Luke is though, he can hit a pinata and pick up candy and everything!

Valerie said...

Too cute Christen! I remember growing up we went up to Logan Martin all of the time! My parents later had a trailer at Weiss Lake in Gadsden and so we starting going there.

I do have some great memories of Logan Martin though!!

Great pics!!