Wednesday, May 4, 2011


As most (hopefully all) of you know many communities, cities, and almost whole counties were completely devastated by last Wednesday's tornadoes.

If you would like to help out in some way, but don't know where to start, please see this post and this one by my friend, Rachel.

Since I don't have time to put together a "real" blog post these days, I've resorted to photo dump posts :)

Here's April in Pictures:

The kids, whom we affectionately refer to as
the 3 baboons

After telling Luke & Aubrey at least a thousand times each to leave their baby brother alone; I decided the safest place for Levi to reside would be in the pack-n-play,
as far away from poking fingers, petting hands, rubbing heads,
and shouting mouths as possible.

And Levi doesn't mind it a bit,

in fact, he seems to love it.

and he knows how to protect himself with a killer left hook if his brother or sister try to jump in the pack-n-play with him.
Aubrey has become a little momma since Levi arrived,
she loves to give her baby a bottle,
change her diaper and rock her.

Luke & Aubrey enjoying some milk,

fully clothed...

or in the buff.

Side note: This post was interrupted by a certain 3 year old who decided to get into some pink shower gel, and pour it all over our bedroom floor, box spring, and dust ruffle.

Have you ever tried to clean liquid soap up off the carpet? All it does is continually foam up.

See what happens when I try to blog?

Back to April:

Aubrey was eating a banana the other day
and had trouble peeling it, so Luke offered to help.

Don't let this moment of sweetness fool you,
there is, of course, many arguments, fights, and tantrums,
but I try not to capture those moments in pictures :)

Levi admiring his big brother
As you can tell, Levi did NOT get
Aubrey's dark hair and bushy eyebrows

Blogging is not the only thing that I don't have time to do anymore, cleaning has taken a back seat to just surviving;

so, I hired some help.
They're hard workers


Jaci Spain said...

Glad to see an update and some pictures. You looked much more refreshed last night and I'm glad to hear you are getting more sleep now. That makes ALL the difference in the world!

Mama Hen said...

I was wondering where you were!

Looks like you have some good help over there.

Sorry about the gel incident. The 3 year old and James could give each hints on how to keep moms hopping.

Anna said...

Cant wait to see the clan this weekend for Levi's dedication!

Rachel said...

Those are awesome pictures!

Good for Levi not minding being put in the pack n play - smart boy, that one is!