Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Third Born Top 10

About a year ago I did my first Top 10 post on
the top ten ways you know you're
an over the top Kentucky Wildcat fan.

As a quick side note to that post, we did, in fact,
take our 3 week old son to the SEC basketball tournament
in Atlanta the weekend before last,
and he did attend all of the Kentucky games!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, which I never do, (think I've been a bit distracted trying to survive life with three kids 3 & under), so I only have a few pictures from the tournament weekend that were taken on my phone.

Luke got his face painted for the championship game

Worn out after celebrating Kentucky's victory

When we returned home from our fun filled tournament weekend I started thinking about how unloved Levi is going to feel because not only do I not have any picture proof that he attended his first basketball tournament at 3 weeks old, but there are so many other things we've neglected to do with him that we did with Luke and/or Aubrey.

So, with that in mind I've come up with the
Top 10 Ways You Know that You are a
Third Born Child:

10. If your entire wardrobe consists of hand-me-downs from friends, cousins, and a big brother, and some of those hand-me-downs from your big brother still have remnants of poo and spit up stains, but your mommy is too busy and too frugal to replace them.

9. If while being changed in the middle of the night you get poo on your socks and a little on your pjs, but your daddy is so tired he doesn't even notice so you sleep the rest of the night in poo socks and pjs.

8. If during your first car ride ever, your big sister screams for most of the entire ride therefore forever ruining your special video of your ride home from the hospital.

7. If you were exposed to any and every germ imaginable at the tender young age of 3 weeks old, while your older siblings were kept inside the house for the first two months of their life.

6. If you've been kissed, rubbed, petted, and poked hundreds of times a day by the loving hands & lips of your very affectionate older brother and sister.

5. If your older brother, the firstborn, has 2 picture albums full of photos documenting his first month of life, while you only have about 5 pictures of your first month of life, none of which have been developed.

4. If your older sister, the second born, has
12 blog posts documenting her first month of life,
while you have only one.

3. If your parents seriously question whether or not you really are their child, because you look nothing like either one of them and nothing like
your older brother or sister.

2. If you are supposed to be the star of a blog post,
but there are several pictures in said post
that have nothing to do with you.

And the number 1 way you know that you are
a third born child:

1. If you are starving for some milk, but your mommy leaves you to scream in your crib just so she can finish a blog post about you...something she hasn't been able to do in almost a month.


Rachel said...

Hilarious!!! Poor Levi... but he'll be so unselfish and well-adjusted because of it!! :)

Mama Hen said...

Oh... bless his little sweet precious heart. He is just adorable Kristin. And yes, he will be very well-adjusted. He won't know any different! Just wait to you have #4. Poor James, he hasn't done' anything the way I did with the first two. But you know what, he has turned out just fine! And Levi will too.

Kathleen said...

tell sweet precious Levi that Aunt Kat knows how it is!!! I got the shaft too!! I turned out ok though didn't i?? ;)

Lindsay said...

He's precious! I'm sure our 3rd will get the shaft, too.

And I must say that I think you're the bravest person in the world for going to the basketball tournament. I'm not sure I would try to tackle that with just my two, much less the 3rd in tow!

The Taylor's said...

Hello! Just checking in on your and your family, Christen. We have been watching the coverage and hoping that you are all safe and ok. You are in our thoughts and prayers.