Thursday, January 27, 2011

January in Pictures

January started off with Luke's 3rd birthday.

We celebrated by going to the Galleria and riding the carousel, playing on the hot dog truck & enjoying our favorite mall treat, a cinnamon sugar pretzel.

The overly cautious birthday boy passed by all the reindeer and instead chose the nice
and very safe sleigh to ride in.
The birthday boy's sister, a dare devil at heart,
was thrilled to get to ride a reindeer.
Despite the non-moving nature of the sleigh,
Luke loved every minute of the ride.
Aubrey getting excited about the cinnamon sugar pretzel.

On almost a nightly basis, Ryan and the kids
enjoy a bowl of popcorn.

As soon as the kids hear the popcorn popping in the microwave they each go to the cabinet
and get out their own bowl.

Ryan figured out pretty quickly that Aubrey
was not into sharing her popcorn.

We've had a candy jar full of Christmas M & M's
this month, and every once in a while,
I'll give one to the kids.

I picked up Aubrey one day and put an M & M in her mouth, she looked at me with the most serious face,
held out two fingers just like this:

and exclaimed, "two!".

I couldn't resist the adorable face, so I of course obliged.

So, that's what we've been up to this well as cleaning, reorganizing and preparing for baby # 3.

We hope he makes his arrival in a few weeks!


Brent, Kerri, Mason, and Sadie said...

Not to be Debbie downer, but girl, be careful about giving Aubrey popcorn! It's one of the top (if not number one) choking hazards. If they get choked on it, the Heimlich, etc, will not help because it is so light that it can't be lodged out of their throats. I read a horrible, horrible story about what happened to a little one about her age and I won't even pop any now if Sadie is around.

Brent, Kerri, Mason, and Sadie said...

Oh and about Luke's birthday, Mason is also a safety pants (or as Ashlee and Casey say, he's safety diapers and I'm safety pants)! He started at that age or around then and hasn't quit! The last observation I have is that it is SO funny that Aubrey, the littlest, has the BIGGEST bowl of popcorn! We use buckets for our popcorn! We have several. One's a Valentine's one, one's a sand bucket a kid's meal came in from a seafood restaurant, Easter egg huntin' bucket, etc!

Anna said...

Aubrey's hair is getting so long! Cant wait for baby boy sparks to get here :)

Rachel said...

If Ali and Luke got married, they'd be the world's most cautious couple. They'd invest their money by digging a hole in the backyard and burying it.

They'd be so cute.

jennifer said...

I remember when my babies were little and would ride the carousel at the Galleria. Your pictures brought back such sweet memories.

I'm glad Luke had a great birthday.

Jessica Heights said...

Your kids are just so sweet...Aubrey kills me with her adorable expressions!