Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas in Birmingham

A snapshot of our Christmas celebrations in Birmingham.

Aubrey wearing my youngest sister's old Christmas dress

Christmas with my parents & sisters:

Aubrey's new bunny...she immediately realized it was an impostor & has wanted nothing to do with it since.
Aunt Anna showing Aubrey
how to use Luke's new nerf gun
Trying out their new table

We really enjoyed the hayride with the Latham's
to see some Christmas lights.
You might remember the Latham's house from last year.

Since we were going to be in Indiana for Christmas,
had our family Christmas a few days early:

Aubrey making breakfast in her new kitchen

Her favorite part of the kitchen was the telephone
Luke loading up his matchbox car holder
Luke's Thomas the Train set

Stocking time
Aubrey's shock at finding a twix bar in her stocking

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Rachel said...

Looks like fun!!! I love that last picture - so expressive!!