Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day

We spent Veteran's Day in downtown Birmingham
visiting the new Railroad Park and
watching the Veteran's Day Parade.

Aubrey in her red, white, & blue

Cousin Parker passed down to us these
very patriotic shoes, but apparently they are a narrow
& Aubrey has double wide feet right now :)
So, I tried my best to stuff her feet in them for a few pictures, but after a few minutes she'd had enough of them squishing her feet and she took them off herself.

Luke & the big kids entertained themselves
by picking up pebbles,
tossing them in the pond,
and watching the ripples.
Aubrey loved the slide
She went down it at least 50 times.

While we waited for the parade to start,
Luke enjoyed some cotton candy

Luke loved the parade!

He saw soldiers, boy scouts, all kinds of cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains and even fire trucks.

Clapping for the soldiers
We were so glad Aunt Kathleen was able
to join us for the day!

Aubrey kept herself entertained during the parade by playing with a bottle of hand sanitizer for an hour!
Right as this train was passing us, it shot off some sort of cannon thing and scared us and the kids to death! After several minutes of crying, we assured the kids
that it was friendly fire :)
Happy Veteran's Day!

We want to thank all of our troops for the many
sacrifices they make for our country.

We are forever grateful for all they have
and will do to keep America safe.

A special thank you to our friends, the Carters;
Brent is currently trying to make his way home
from his second tour of duty in Iraq.

It takes a very brave and courageous man to be a soldier and an even braver woman to be an army wife.
Brent, Kerri, Mason & Sadie, we pray that your family is reunited very soon!


Jaci Spain said...

Precious pictures! I love Aubrey's outfit & cute.

Jackamo said...

I wondered what Aubrey was playing with for so long. Hand sanitizer! The wonder toy!!

Mama Hen said...

I love the pic of her feet crammed into those shoes!

My kiddos so wanted to go to the parade, and the boys could have been in it, but it just didn't work out for us.

Rachel said...

You got some great pics!! I'm sure Ali would have loved the parade, if she hadn't been having an uber-traumatic-neck-breakdown. :)

Kathleen said...

So glad i could come! I had so much fun!!! Love yall!